Business Solutions for Environmental Problems

TerraSphere Systems

TerraSphere Systems, LLC and TerraSphere Systems Canada, Inc.

terrasphereTerraSphere designs and builds highly efficient hydroponic systems to grow plants in a controlled environment.  By using precise combinations of light, water, nutrition, and centrifugal forces, TerraSphere is able to to create optimal growing conditions that maximize crop production and have several environmental benefits.  The technology can be used to grow many different types of crops, from lettuce to tree seedlings to medicinal herbs. 

TerraSphere is dedicated to socially-responsible investment goals, partnerships with community-based investors, strict environmental standards, green building design, energy efficiency, and creating a community benefit through the recruiting and hiring of local workers.  ECAP has been instrumental in the formation of TerraSphere.  ECAP raised equity capital for technology development and market research, structured deal financing, and assembled the management team.